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Interior Decorating & Redesign

Interior Decorating

With the growing popularity of home decorating shows and blogs, homeowners are becoming more educated on the various options available in the décor industry. There are many things to consider such as wall coverings, flooring, window treatments, furniture selection and fabric choices. We will assist you in making many of the decisions necessary to give your home the glamour it deserves.


At Dezigner Digz™, we think of redesign as the Botox® of the design world. It's a less invasive method of giving your home a facelift at a fraction of the cost of interior decorating. The appearance of a room can be significantly altered just by changing the paint colour and re-arranging existing furniture and accessories. You would be amazed by how furniture repositioning alone can make your space more functional and appear larger. Please note that any lifting or movement of heavy furniture will be the responsibility of the home owner.

Colour Consultations

If you're unsure of where to start, or just want to get a second opinion, we will be happy to assist you. Whether it is one room or your entire home that you want to change, we will help you select colours that will compliment your surroundings and personality.

Styling & Accessorizing

Is your home lacking 'WOW Factor'? We'll assist you in choosing the right accessories and artwork. You may already have everything you need to style your home, but not be sure about how to pull it all together. We'll help make your home look magazine worthy.