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Home Staging – Realtor® Services

Now located in the Municipality of Lambton Shores, we are providing service to Grand Bend, Ontario and surrounding areas. While working in Burlington, Ontario for close to 14 years, we built up a repeat clientele consisting of both homeowners and some of the most respected names in the region's real estate industry. Visit our Testimonials page to see what your peers have to say about us.

If you are interested in partnering with us, we would be happy to discuss our REALTOR® services with you. Dezigner Digz™ offers volume discounts to REALTORS® and will customize our services to meet your needs.

Home Staging / Property Presentation Consultations

Your clients expect you to sell their homes quickly and for as much money as possible. Set yourself apart from the competition. Consider offering your clients a complimentary home staging consultation with Dezigner Digz™ when they list with you. Not only is this a great perk for them, you will also benefit by having a listing that shows well and potentially sells faster.

Our Home Staging/Property Presentation Consultation is filled with loads of information that will help present your listings at their best. Topics such as upgrades, repairs, furniture layout, paint colour, curb appeal, staging tips and much more will be addressed. At the end of the consultation, your clients will be provided with a written report outlining the details of what was discussed. This information will also be shared with you.

We also provide a couple of add-on services to choose from for those who are interested. The add-on of choice can either be offered by you as part of your listing service, or the homeowner can hire us for this.

Home Staging Consultations For Realtors® — Add-On #1:

A flat rate, one-hour "hands-on" session right after completion of the consultation. Dezigner Digz™ will work with your client's existing furniture and accessories and assist in staging the room(s) that we feel will make the largest impact within that time frame. Of course, we’re happy to stay longer if asked. Additional time will be billed on an hourly basis. Please note that any lifting or movement of heavy furniture will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Home Staging Consultations For Realtors® — Add-On #2:

A flat rate, one-hour appointment booked for a later date to review the work carried out by your clients. We will make recommendations, if necessary, and assist with any fine-tuning that may be needed. This is a great option for those who feel they need some help with the finishing touches or for those who just want us to take a second look and provide feedback.

Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Consultations

We also offer our REALTOR® partners the option of providing their clients with a more in-depth Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Consultation. Your clients will receive a detailed strategy for each room – right down to furniture layout suggestions and information on how to accessorize and stage. Visit our Home Staging for Homeowners page for more information.

Colour Consultation Gift Certificates

Set yourself apart. Give your clients a Dezigner Digz™ colour consultation gift certificate for their new home. It's a closing gift they'll really appreciate.

Downsizing Gift Certificates

With the growing change in demographics to a more mature population, many clients will be making the decision to downsize their home. A Dezigner Digz™ downsizing gift certificate would be a very welcome closing gift that will assist your clients in making this lifestyle transition. For more information on the downsizing services we provide, visit our Downsizing & Relocation page.
As part of the consultation process, your clients may receive some constructive advice.  When it comes to something as close and personal as our own home, this can sometimes be difficult to hear.  Dezigner Digz™ understands that.  We will ensure that all information provided to your clients is shared in a respectful and supportive manner while being mindful of the ultimate goal:  to sell your listing quickly and for as much money as possible.

DISCLAIMER Dezigner Digz™ does not and cannot guarantee success or any particular result. While we shall use our best professional efforts to assist you in achieving a successful result, we make no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied as to the successful sale of your listing. An expression of the merits of your listing and the chances of success are only expressions of opinion and estimates.